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Do-It-Yourself: Boozy Popsicle Cocktails

If you watched my television segment on Wake Up Washington discussing End of Summer Entertaining, then you may have seen where I shared one of my favorite drinks - Boozy Popsicle Cocktails!

These are a fun and interactive way to serve drinks to your guests during the summer months (and beyond)! Check out a few tips for creating your own!

1. Popsicles: You can make your own popsicles (and even add fruit) or if you're short on time, purchase popsicles from your local grocery store! Make sure to have fun with the popsicles and choose a few flavors you've never tried!

2. Alcohol: We love pairing our popsicles with white wine! Here we paired ours with Yellow Tail Riesling, but you can get as creative as you'd like! You can pair yours with a sangria or champagne!

Bonus Tip: If you don't drink alcohol, you can make your mocktail with a sparkling cider!

3. Glassware: We love using real glass to add a sophisticated touch, but you can also use high-quality disposable glasses like these found at Party City!

4. Finishing Touches: As you know, the popsicles will melt quickly! You can pre-pour your cocktails early, but wait to place the popsicle in the glass until the last possible second! You can also add fresh mint and fruit to your cocktail!

Need more entertaining tips? Contact us!

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