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Holiday Party Guide: Raspberry Sangria

Sangria is my FAVORITE cocktail! There's something special about wine and fruit that is simply irresistible! So for this Holiday Party Guide edition, it's only right that I share a Raspberry Sangria cocktail with you! For this recipe, I've partnered with one of my favorite mixologists, Snooty Fox Bartending. Check out this refreshing cocktail for your next holiday event!


Wine Base: 1 bottle Red Wine Blend or Merlot Mix-Ins:

  1. 1 Cup Raspberry Vodka

  2. 2 1/2 Cups Cranberry Juice

  3. 1 Cup Pomegranate Juice

  4. 1/2 Cup of Triple Sec

  5. 2 Cups Fresh Raspberries (muddled)

  6. Sliced Oranges

  7. Sliced Lemons

  8. Sliced Limes


  1. In a serving pitcher, combine all ingredients including the wine.

  2. Save some muddled fruit for glass garnish. Add white sugar for more sweetness if you desire.

  3. Cover, and refrigerate until chilled.

  4. Just before serving add the remaining muddled Raspberries

Additional Suggestions: Sugar Rimmed Glasses Fresh Raspberry Garnish Pomegranate Seeds

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