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J. Simms Weddings Publication!

On Monday, June 19th, we hosted our first styled engagement shoot! The purpose of this photo shoot was to officially launch J. Simms Weddings! This division of our company provides support for all things bridal -- surprise proposals, engagement photo shoot planning, bridal showers, bachelorette/bachelor parties, weddings, honeymoons, and vow renewals!

The photo shoot was a success and the couple was extremely happy with the final product! After receiving the final images, we submitted our photo shoot images for publication. Within a week or so, we received a response that the shoot would be published Borrowed & Blue!

View the full J. Simms Weddings Publication!

What does "published" mean?

You may be asking, what does it mean to be "published?" Being published is when an outlet includes your work in their print or digital publication -- blog, magazine, book, and/or video.

What does being published mean for an event planning company?

For an event planning company, it is a BIG deal! It shows that you and your team of vendors can work together to bring a vision to life. It also is a major source of promotion, as your work could be seen by hundreds or event thousands, through the publication's network.

It also helps to establish the event planning company's credibility in their industry. It's similar to having certifications or testimonials -- it all helps to a brand stand out in their industry!

Why is it important for prospective couples?

Being published can show prospective couples/clients an event planning company's expertise. It also shows couples that the event planner can work TOGETHER with other vendors and get the job done. With weddings (and any events), the event planner is at the core of ensuring the event is successful. As a couple, you want to be assured that the planner you're hiring can make your big day less stressful for you.

Want to know more about our publication or wedding services? Contact us!


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