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6 Holiday Decorating and Entertaining Tips

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays! From decorated yards to festive storefront displays, to catching up with family and friends -- there’s just so much to love about this time of year!

Check out my photos and tips for making your holiday hosting and decorating a success!

Decorating Tips:

  1. Play with Colors: While we used “traditional” Christmas colors for our photo shoot, don’t limit yourself! You can use a variety of colors and prints in your holiday decor. For example, purple and rose gold would make for unique and chic holiday decor!

  2. Think Ahead: As we near the actual holiday, stores are giving tremendous discounts on holiday items! Stores are eager to clear holiday items and make space for the next season. Take advantage of sales (some are up to 90% OFF) and purchase items you can use for the next holiday season!

  3. Keep Your Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Simple: One of the top questions we’re asked is how to use DIY elements without having your space look too “crafty”. The key is to pair DIY items with classic pieces. In this image, we used miniature pine cones and boughs and combined them with a sleek silver-plated snowflake napkin ring.

Entertaining Tips:

  1. Bring on the Nostalgia: Society is consumed with technology. Bring back the nostalgia by incorporating fun elements that will encourage your guests to put their phone down. You can play classic childhood movies and share old family and friend photos and stories.

  2. Get the Crowd Moving: People tend to sit and stay within their own crowd at holiday events. Get your crowd moving and engaged with interactive games like karaoke, Wii, and charades!

  3. Remember to Have Fun: Hosting during the holidays can be stressful. While you want everything perfectly executed for your guests, remember to have fun! Above the beautiful decor and food, the most important element is time well-spent with family and friends!

Have holiday decor and planning questions? Email us!

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