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5 Things You Need for Your Next Brand Photoshoot

We’re at the beginning of the year and you may be thinking, “I NEED new brand images!” Brand photoshoots are a way to capture your brand’s personality and it’s a great source for content and marketing.

We recently coordinated our client, Cortland Jones, brand photoshoot and it was a major success! Here are five tips you can use to make your next brand photoshoot one to remember:

1. Coordinated Team: It’s no secret that teamwork makes the dream work. And bringing in a team that can work collaboratively is key to a successful brand photoshoot. Every element of your photoshoot should be cohesive, so it’s imperative that each of your vendors works well together and meets (in person or virtually) prior to your photoshoot.

2. Suitable Location: The location of your photoshoot should reflect your brand’s personality. If you have a corporate company then an art gallery may not be the best location. Think about what message you want your brand to convey and remember to visit the space prior to the photoshoot.

For our client’s photoshoot, we selected a penthouse near Washington, DC. We wanted Cortland’s photoshoot to have an upscale, yet casual look.

3. Skilled Photographer: One of the most crucial aspects of planning your brand photoshoot is selecting the right photographer! You must ensure that the photographer you select has a portfolio (or skill set) that is reflective of the images you want produced. You must also check to see if the photographer has specific work conditions and limitations. For example, a natural light photographer may not be able to capture images in a dark lounge setting.

Bonus Tip: Make sure to research and discuss photoshoot pose options prior to the photoshoot.

4. Outfit Variety: Photoshoots can be expensive and take weeks (or months) to coordinate. You want to make sure that you bring a variety of outfits that you can use for various purposes throughout the year. At minimum, you should have a casual and dressier look.

During our photoshoot, stylist Mark Q provided multiple looks, dressy and casual, for brand versatility.

5. Props and Branded Promotional Items: Adding elements of your brand’s style is a key part of infusing your personality into your photoshoot. These elements also provide great options for your photographer to create stock images and action shots during your photoshoot.

  1. Branded Promotional Items can include:

  2. Business Cards

  3. Stationery

  4. Mugs

  5. Pens

  6. Notebooks

  7. Samples props can include:

  8. Laptop

  9. Cellphone

  10. iPad

In this image, we included a copy of Cortland's book.

In this image, we included an educator award Cortland received.

Have questions about coordinating your brand/business photoshoot? Contact us!

Photo Credit: All brand images of Cortland Jones were captured by Ann Blake Photography.

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