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5 Tips for Planning A Spring Garden Party

With more sunshine and warmer weather, there are more opportunities for you to plan fun outdoor events with your friends, loved ones, clients, and colleagues. Garden parties can be a fun and elegant way to enjoy the outdoors. Here are five tips for planning a garden party this spring!

1. Pick a Theme Early

The earlier you pick a theme for your event, the sooner you can begin planning and buying everything you need to create an entertaining experience for your guests. A good start for picking a theme is a color or recipe. With a color choice, you can branch out into related things. For example, if you pick blue you can tie it to related things like water or blue flowers. With foods you can match recipes with specific drinks, tableware, and so on.

2. Call in Backup

While we all want to be great hosts, but there’s no harm in asking for a little help. Getting input when you’re indecisive or getting help with decorating will help your friends and loved ones feel more involved in an event that’s meant to be fun for everyone while relieving stress on you.

3. Go With Finger Foods

Having your event’s menu focus on finger foods will not only make the clean up process easier, but also keep you outside and having fun with your guests. You don’t want to be stuck inside cooking and preparing things when you should be mingling. Finger foods will also keep your party’s vibe casual.

4. Check Out the Event Location Ahead of Time

If you’re having your event somewhere other than your own backyard or home, be sure to visit the space beforehand If someone offers their home for the event, check out the space to make sure there’s nothing like insect nests or a loud pet nearby that could disrupt the party. It’s always a good idea to have a backup location as well.

5. Plan to be Outdoors

Make sure you plan your set-up and have the necessities outdoors. By keeping everything party-related outside, you’ll avoid splitting your party up (guests going in and out, with some possibly remaining inside). Be sure you have what you need so you don’t have run back and forth either.

Bonus Tip: It goes without saying that you should keep an eye on the weather and have an indoor alternative planned. We don’t want you and your guests to get caught in the rain.

We want to see how your garden parties turn out! Share all of your awesome photos on Instagram and tag us @jsimmsevents! Happy Spring!

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