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Tips for Hosting a Chic Seafood Summer Soiree

Seafood lovers, did you miss out? Jay kicked off the month by showing viewers and the Great Day Washington team how to throw a seafood boil party, but it’s difficult to include all of her tips and tricks in five minutes. As a fellow Marylander, I have to make sure you all get the 411. If you missed her segment or want more tips, don’t worry!

I'm sharing them here. Here’s a few tips on hosting a chic seafood summer soiree.


Setting a budget for any event should always be one of your first steps. Budgeting for an event with seafood on the menu is crucial because seafood in bulk can get pricey. Plan out your guest list early and set a realistic budget for how much it’s going to cost to make sure there’s enough food to go around.

Don’t forget to be on the lookout for coupons and sales on your key food items leading up to the event. Be sure to check out wholesale retailers like Costco or your local groceries as well. You can grab items early and freeze them prior to your event. Also, consider having a co-host to help offset the costs.

Decor and Color

Summer parties are an especially great time to bring fun color schemes together. We advise sticking with just two or three colors so you don’t overwhelm your party guests or the vibe of your event. Fewer colors in your decor also lets the colors of your delicious food shine. A nice trick is to find themed decor that are also useful like the crab trivets we featured in our segment.

Pairing Your Food With a Beverage

Nothing completes a meal like the perfect drink to compliment the flavors of the dishes and wash it all down. White wine is an excellent choice to accompany a delicious seafood meal. We recommend a Pinot Grigio or Riesling specifically. Always be sure to be a considerate host by offering alternatives for guest who can’t or don’t drink alcohol. We recommend lemonade or sparkling soda.

If you’re feeling extra enthusiastic try to create your own summer drink. There a ton of recipes to be found online via Pinterest.

Creating A Fun Atmosphere

At the core of a seafood boil is spending time with friends and family in a relaxed setting. While you’re making sure everything is going well and set up the way you want, be sure to have fun. Whether you create a fun playlist or include games at your event, be sure that your guest are comfortable and the conversation is flowing.

Want more tips on planning an event this summer? Connect with our team on social media or email us!

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